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As Good as a Top-Notch Shoot.

Only Quicker and Cheaper.

The most limited resource these days is TIME. In an age of video conferences, e-mails and the like, no one needs – or wants – to travel halfway round the world if it can be avoided.



With MAGROUND this can also be applied to photo shoots.

Why send products and teams to far- flung locations at high

cost when you have instant access to the world’s largest archive

of automobile backgrounds and environments?



With our images we provide you with the raw materials – and

you can conveniently and cost-efficiently design your campaign

at your desk.

Maybe you think a shoot is more flexible?

Give us a try in terms of selection: You will find the perfect background

photo for every type of vehicle, from sports car to truck.

On top of this, for each location set we offer up to 25 different perspectives.

All Industries.

Regardless of whether you need high-quality photographic material for the automobile, fashion, or industry sector, our file quality is always at the level of a professional shoot. Our images fulfill the highest aesthetic and technical standards, ensuring the highest production standards for everything from small projects to global campaigns.

Move the slider to see how easy you can simulate an on-location shooting.

Campaign visuals made with MAGROUND images.

Your Advantages:

  • Big Time Savings. In the face of often tight production deadlines, our photographic material gets you to your goal faster.
  • High Data Quality. Whether exhibition stand, display window, trade fair wall, or billboard, MAGROUND is also the ideal source for large formats.
  • Flexibility through Choice. We offer you the world’s largest archive of automobile backgrounds and environments.
  • Original Files. What is impossible with other stock photo agencies is a matter of course for us: Upon request, we provide you with the original files from the shoot, even in RAW format.


Get in touch.

And the best bit: With MAGROUND you don’t have to choose between different rigid packages and tariff plans. Just get in touch with us and we’ll find a pricing model that fits exactly to your requirements. More information can be found here.



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