Virtual Reality.
Product Presentation in a New Dimension.
The immersion into photorealistic 3D worlds with virtual reality headsets is mesmerizing people all over the world. More and more companies are therefore presenting their products in walk-through environments, facilitating more intensive experiences and interactions with the brand for their customers.

From small prototypes, simulations, and internal presentations to large emotive showrooms and configurations, there are many possibilities for their use – and the advantages are obvious.
This is what just virtual reality (VR) offers:
More Opportunities. Improved brand and sales potential on different platforms and devices.
Increased Flexibility. Market-specific presentations in every desired environment.
Unique Focusing. Distraction-free experiences for your products and services.
Important Image Boost. Brand presence at the latest technological level.
Only MAGROUND offers this with VR:
State-of-the-Art Technology. The most demanding standards of quality in combination with modeling, texturization, and animation for photorealistic results.
Simple Usage. Open the VR environments with practically any 3D software program.
Meaningful Efficiency. Use of outtakes and tracking shots for print campaigns or videos thanks to high data quality.
Large Selection. A wide range of available applications for the fields of automotive, architecture, and entertainment.
Customized Solutions. Every project tailored to your needs – for the best results!


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