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360°- Photos.

Ultra-High-Definition Panoramic Images

360-degree environments like online configurators and virtual tours form an emotional space for brands and products..

Professional visual applications however are only possible with high-end image data that meets all necessary requirements.

With MAGROUND you can always be certain to get the maximum image quality available.

Car configurator: User can moves 360° around the vehicle

The panoramic images in our archive obtain a resolution of more than 500 megapixels - the equivalent to the size of 120 full-HD television screens.


Image above shows: "360°- Photo" - "an extract with 4K resolution" (equivalent to 4 HD screens) and "100% zoom"

360°- Product Configurators

Our 360-degree images create an optimal background for the integration of 3D objects, e.g. in vehicle configurators.

But the files are also ideally suited for a combination with individual geometries or as an addition to virtual reality environments.

360°-web Configurator with 360°- Photo as background image.

Your 360° Advantages with MAGROUND:

  • Highest Image Quality. Image material with 500 million pixels.
  • Many Possible Uses. Possible realization of tracking shots, short pans, and clips.
  • Immediate Availability. Files are available for download on our live server as 8-bit TIFF files in full resolution.

Available file sizes:

  • M-JPG. 1.500 pixels long edge
  • L-JPG. 2.900 pixels long edge
  • XL-JPG. 4.500 pixels long edge
  • 2XL Tiff data in full resolution (via our service team)


Request now Download with complete test

image package including high-res 360°-Photo file.



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