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License and Price Structure.

What Types of Licenses does MAGROUND offer?

The images at MAGROUND are the basis for professional marketing visuals. Whether very specific, individual uses or "all media, worldwide", our support team will be happy to create a suitable offer for you. We look forward to your inquiry, via chat, mail, phone, social media or carrier pigeon.

  • Worry free licensing. Our licenses include third-party transfer rights. You can share the images or final artwork with your clients.
  • We help you search for the perfect background image that best stages your product and captures consumer attention.
  • Professional research services to find image content so you can focus on more campaigns at faster rates.
  • Ability to download high-res, non-watermarked images to use for pitching and mockups.
  • All images are exclusively available at MAGROUND

Comp License

Comp License.

We offer comp license on a complimentary basis for test or sample (mockup, composite or comp) use only for client presentations.

However, unless a license is purchased, images cannot be used in

any final materials or any publicly available materials.

Size Matters.

The size chart below shows the native image resolution in comparison to a standard A4-sheet (21x29,7cm) very similar to US paper format printed at 300dpi (best resolution). Our images are shot with high-quality professional cameras with high pixel pitch and dynamic range. Therefore the final print sizes can be much larger than the pixel dimensions without quality loss.

Image SIzes

Available Image Sizes.

Three most popular file sizes are available online.

  • 1500px - has the shortest download time and is suitable for digital use
  • 2900px - is suitable for small prints and digital use.
  • 4500px - suitable for large prints as well as digital use.

Pro Size.

All images are also available in "Pro-Version" as full size high-res image. Please get in touch with our support team.

  • 7000px - 25.000px is the original file size provided by the contributor. Suitable for all media, extra large prints, excessive editing, cropping and comping.

As Individual as Your Requirements.

We know that not everyone has the same type of project and budget. We therefore decided not to rely on rigid packages or tariff plans for our pricing. Our suggestion: Just talk to us! Together we will find a suitable solution that fits to your requirements.


Corporate Plans.

And there’s one thing you can always rely on:

We focus on the things that are important to you as a team in an agency, publishing house, or company.

For example, for many large clients we have reached special quota

agreements that not only offer attractive volume discounts but also leaner purchasing processes.


Team Access.

We are also flexible in terms of access management:

If you need an “umbrella account” for the project manager

but also want to grant access to a larger team, just

let us know and we will set everything up according

to your wishes.

Your additional MAGROUND advantages:

  • Fair Terms. Our agreements do not contain any unpleasant surprises, unexpected fees, or click or resolution restrictions.
  • Quickly Available. The high-resolution images can be directly downloaded.
  • Exclusivity. MAGROUND images can only be found at MAGROUND. You can rely on that.


Get in touch.

By the way: Thanks to our compositing license, you only pay one low all-inclusive price for a motif that you have created from multiple images. All information on this can be found here.



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