360°HDR & VR.
The best possible assets for your project
360° HDR images are spherical photographs shot with highest possible dynamic range and used in CG to reproduce light and reflections. The 360° HDR image is projected onto the 3D object and wraps around it. VR in contrast is a 360° photograph without the high dynamic range (HDR). It is like a virtual 360° studio, where you can place any object. The viewer can walk around the object or the object can be moved through the VR.
32-bit 360° HDR - 500 MP
Our perfectly stitched 500-megapixel 360° HDR domes are on the edge of what Photoshop can handle technically. A dynamic range of 30 f-stops allows you to integrate any 3D object and get the best rendering results. For less demanding projects such as layouts and smaller print projects you can use our smaller HDR domes.
6 GB 360° virtual environments
360° VR images are very popular for online configurators, walkarounds, and 360° product presentations. We bring it to the max with our mega-resolution VR files. Use them for online applications or for real-life presentations. Cover up to 64 4K screens with a single VR. Implement 3D objects, or use for live presentations. Even use extreme crops as background images for online or small print projects. One file delivers multiple application possibilities, as explained below.
Online configurators
VR is used for interactive online product configurators. The impression of a real car in the example on the left is reinforced by the combination of VR (the surrounding) and the HDR that wraps the reflections on the car’s surface. The customer can rotate his POV around the car and see the light and reflections change accordingly (HDR) as well as reveal the other side of the scenery (VR). The combination of VR and HDR ensures a unique user experience.
Animation & video
Objects can be animated inside the VR image. VR is ideal for short pans and camera moves. A virtual camera can be placed inside the VR and follow an object or remain static, while a CG object is animated in front of it. Here is an example of an Australian TV commercial for Mazda produced entirely with VR photos, and a short TV commercial for Ford. The cars were animated inside the VR with virtual camera pans.


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